DPS ushered in a new approach of fostering a spirit of enquiry and application, discarding the age old method of rote learning. The system of education adopted by the school has been specially designed to take students through a rich amalgamation of the east and the west in their journey from Primary to Senior, benefiting both from the western knowledge bank and rich Indian values. Bright purpose built programme support each facet of the academic system, helping to prepare students for the future endeavors. DPS Wave City is a path breaking model for school education and is based on a holistic approach to education where we strive for academic excellence and strong pastoral framework wherein each child is valued. There are conscious efforts to address the normal shortcomings that are noticeable in traditional schools.

There is a great emphasis on learning by doing and through play way method. At the pre nursery level children learn Psycho-motor and social skills through play activities. They develop listening and talking skills through listening to rhymes and songs, learning them through repetition and interacting with their peer group and their teachers. At the nursery level these skills are honed further.

By the time students enter Preparatory class learning becomes more structured and focus is on reading and writing. To enable the students to pronounce the words clearly ‘phonics’ is introduced.